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V.C Heros of the Somme
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V.C Heroes of the Somme !
The most prestigious medal to be awarded for acts of Bravery and Heroism is…The Victoria Cross.
This medal was first instituted in 1856 during the Reign of Queen Victoria…hence the name.
It is still fabricated today in 2016 from the Russian cannons captured at Sebastopol, it measures one and a half inches square and weighs 430 grams.
This small and unpretentious medal will always remain the “Highest Decoration” bestowed on any of the fighting soldiers in the British Forces of the Army, Navy and Air Force!
During WW1 or “The Great War”…no-less than 634 awards of this medal and most assuredly a coveted award, the V.C were made, of this amount fifty-one were awarded for Heroic action during the “Battle of the Somme”…alone!
The soldiers who received this award came from different ranks – 20 officers received it, 12 went to non- commissioned officers and 19 going to Privates and their equivalents.
This award was certainly not given unless these acts of Bravery and Heroism were clearly witnessed and seen by those close-by the soldier in question who was to be named for this award, they would offer a true account of the soldiers actions and there-by issue a report to the General Staff.
There was of course many who felt that this honour of the V.C. was undeserved by their actions, and others who, and there are many more who clearly deserved this award but for reasons otherwise known or not, did not receive it.
Many of the V.C.s awarded was not just for rushing against the enemy with bursts of machine-gun or rifle fire, jumping into enemy trenches bayonet in hand and killing the Germans in the heat or rage of battle …but also to those who genuinely saved the lives of their fellow comrades during a battle.
Acts of extreme Bravery and Heroism that these 51 V.C. recipients received…some agreed that they too had seen some exceptional acts of Bravery on the battlefield, some more Heroic than their own (perhaps spoken in humility) to what they had clearly done and achieved and were awarded for!
Such was the most unbelievable acts of - Heroism and Bravery - for these 51 soldiers that it is impossible for me to write an account of each and everyone…only to choose some of those that I consider very worthy and without question!
(Left) One Of the 51 V.C.s awarded…only a third was awarded posthumously, with only 33 of them surviving the Great War.


This is a list of those 51 “Brave and Heroic” soldiers that was awarded the V.C for their actions during the “Battle of the Somme…
Captain E.N.F. Bell
Lt G.S. Cather *
Captain J.L. Green
Major S.W Loudon – Shand
Private W.F McFadzean *
Private R. Quigg
Drummer W. Ritchie
Corporal G. Sanders
Sergeant J.Y. Turnball
Lieutenant Colonel A. Carton de Wiart
Private T.G Turrell
Lieutenant O.L. Wilkinson
2nd Lieutenant D.S. Bell
Sergeant W.E. Boulter
Private W.F. Faulds
Major W. La T. Congreve
Corporal J.J. Davis
Private A. Hill
Private T.W.H. Veale
Private J. Leak
Lieutenant A.S. Blackburn
Private T. Cook
Sergeant A. Gill
Sergeant C.C. Castleton
CSM - W.J.G. Evans
Private J. Miller
Private W.H. Short
2nd Lieutenant G.G. Coury
Captain N.G. Chavasse *…The only man during “The Great War” to be awarded 2 V.C.s…!
Private M. O’Meara
Captain W.B. Allen
Private T. Hughes
Lieutenant J.V. Holland
Sergeant D. Jones
Corporal L. Clarke
Sergeant D.F. Brown
L/Sergeant F. McNess
Lieutenant Colonel J.V. Campbell
Private J.C. Kerr
Private T.A. Jones
Private F.J. Edwards
Private R.E. Ryder
2nd Lieutenant T.E. Adlam
Captain A.C.T. White
Lieutenant Colonel R.B. Bradford
2nd Lieutenant H. Kelly
Piper - J.C. Richardson
Sergeant R. Downie
Lieutenant E.P.Bennett
Private J. Cunningham
Lieutenant Colonel B.C. Freyberg

All of these 51 soldiers have an incredible account of their own personal actions in their receiving this V.C. medal. Many different ranks have excelled with unbelievable Heroism and Bravery during the “Battle of the Somme”…to be awarded with Great Honour, the Most prestigious award possible…The Victoria Cross!!!
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