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Drugs Teens & Parents !

Many parents and carers worry about drugs in relation to their children.
This has been produced to help you cope with pressures your teenagers may face growing into adulthood, especially around the misuse of drugs and alcohol.
It provides helpful pointers on developing a healthy and balanced outlook on life in your teenager, and what to do if they become involved in drug use.

Your children need you to try and understand how things look from there point of view. What worked when they were yonger may not work now! The difficult job of bringing up children involves helping them to explore the world while maintaining boundaries.

They still need to feel loved and needed, but as they mature, you need to focus on different things in order to encourage their growth into responsible and caring adults and to avoid conflict and confrontation.

  • are changing quickly and sexually.
  • are experiencing emotional changes especially around sexual relationships.
  • have to think about the future - whether to choose further education or what career or job they want to do, or even if they are able to get a job at all.
  • are beginning to question accepted patterns of family behaviour - where they fit in society, and many other aspects of adult and social life.
  • are beginning to want more independence from the family and may wish to spend more time with friends.
  • are more aware of what is happening in the world and are specially susceptible to media messages and targeting.

Agree rules on parties, drinking and smoking
Know where they are and what they are doing
Make sure your child has a way of getting home safely
Know there friends
  • to feel and be told you love them
  • an open and supportive atmosphere at home
  • someone to talk to and who takes time to listen with an open mind!
  • to receive praise when due
  • consistent and negotiated rules and boundaries from all adult family members
  • time to be alone and respect privacy
  • positive adult role models who show them how to handle stress, social life and socialising
  • an opportunity to be able to make there own mistakes and learn from them
  • to be kept occupied with hobbies, activities and interests
  • made to feel responsible and trusted

What Teenagers Don't Need

  • to be lectured at
  • constant criticism
  • to be over protected
  • bullying
  • to be 'put down'
  • to be preached at

These tactics will undermind confidence and encourage feelings of insecurity and being unloved.Remember what it felt like to be on the receiving end of these tactics.

Don't Panic !
  • unfamillar smells or stains on skin, clothing or inn the bedroom
  • tinfoil, plastic bags, tablets, cardboard rools or other unusual items
  • sudden changes in mood or behaviour
  • loss of appetite, restlessness, sleeplessness
  • sleepiness or tiredness
  • loss of interest in school, hobbies or general interests
  • Change of friends
  • unexplained absences from school, college or work
  • furtive behaviour or lying
  • excessive spending or disappearance of possessions

Remember some of these may just be
signs of growing up

Being well informed helps when you talk to your teenager plus gives what you say more credibility.

Don't over React !
  • try to remain calm
  • take things one step at a time
  • don't jump to conculsions
  • be sure of your facts
  • don't accuse without evidence
  • talk to someone - partner, friend
  • pick the right time to talk
  • be calm with your child
  • show you are concerned
  • listen to what your child is saying
  • not when they are intoxicated
  • if they are using don't over react
  • find out why and how often they use
  • what type or types of drug (this will help you deside on the extent of the problem)
  • be supportive and positive (it is the behaviour not the person you are unhappy with)
  • don't be afraid to challenge what you feel is wrong
Drugs Remember
  • it doesn't happen with one or even a few tries
  • occasional or even regular use may not lead to problems (it depends on the drug and how it is used)
  • it isn't your fault if they start using drugs
  • dependance takes time to develop
Drugs Remember
  • not all drugs are the same
  • some are more dangerous than others
  • very few people die from taking drugs
  • there are many more deaths from alcohol related incidents per year

All local agencies offer advice, Information and support and are open
Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm
National Drugs Helpline
Tel: 0800 77 66 00
Free - Confidential - 24 hours a day

National, Legal Drug Service
Tel: 0171 729 9904
Mon - Fri 10am to 6pm
Tel: 0171 603 8654
Mon - Fri After 6pm

ADFAM National
The UK Charity for Families and Friends of Drug Users
Tel: 0171 928 8900
Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm

Parents Against Drug Use
Tel: 0345 023 867
Free - Confidential - 24 hours a day
Ashford, Canterbury & Thanet,
Dover & Folkstone
Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge
& Tunbridge Wells
KCA Canterbury Drug
& Alcohol Team

Tel: 01227 454740
49 Marsham St,
Maidstone, kent
Tel: 01622 690944
East Kent Community
Drug Service
171 Beaver Road,
Ashford. Kent
Tel: 01233 640040

58 Tunnel Road,
Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Tel: 01892 534422

KCA Ramsgate Drug Advice Centre
38 West Cliff Road,
Tel: 01843 596638

Kenwood Trust & Grey Zebra
Kenward House,
Tel: 01622 814187 or
Tel: 01622 817820
Dartford & Gravesham
Medway & Swale
KCA Gravesend
195 Parrock St,
Tel: 01474 567581
Swale Addiction Partnership
4 Park Road,
Tel: 01634 817602
The Hollies Project
Thames Gateway NHS Trust,
Stone House,
Cotton Lane,
Dartford Kent
Tel: 01322 622099
Sheppey Community
Against Drugs

Tel: 01795 666661

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