William Walters Story
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The Big City........"Berlin"
In the month of January 1944, the Lancaster crew were briefed for their first mission it would take them to “The Big City”… Berlin. 

Captain Ian Ross and his crew were to face the barrage of thousands of anti-aircraft guns, night fighters, and radar defences situated in and around the capital, on four missions that were carried out on the 20th, 27th, 28th and 30th. One mission was again to find the crew facing the odds as they bombed Berlin again on February 15th.

Liepzig Oil Installation under attack
Liepzig Oil Installation under attack.

Fortunate and unscathed by the attacks on Berlin, the Lancaster crew were ordered on a mission to Leipzig on the 19th February to bomb oil installations, attacks such as these on fuel production both synthetic and coal hydrogenation plants caused great devastation to the German war effort. From March 1944, the oil plants were producing 940,000 tons of aviation fuel for the Luftwaffe, by September 1944 after continual and very successful bombing raids the plants only managed to produce less than 10,000 tons.

Ariel photograph of ball-bearing factories at Schweinfurt.
Ariel photograph of ball-bearing factories at Schweinfurt.

The production of fuel supplies would never recover from the destruction by Bomber Command, and this would become the eventual “Death Knell” for the Luftwaffe.

A raid to attack Schweinfurt, 900 miles from their base was ordered on February 24th, where the manufacturing of ball-bearings were produced, the crew bombed the factories, thus slowing the production of vehicles and tanks.