William Walters Story
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William Walter's Early Years
William - Bill - Walter

This is just one story of a courageous young “boy”…

William “Bill” Walter

from my home town Edenbridge, Kent, England…

This green and pleasant land that this man, and the Lancaster crew of 617 Dam Buster Squadron gave their lives for…

This story is compiled by Mr Ian Bridle and Mr Albert Jeffrey who
was a great friend of William “Bill” Walter.
Bill Walter was a couple of years older than me and we lived in the same row of terraced houses in Hever Road, Edenbridge, and went to the same school and grew up as close friends.

Little did we know at that time what our futures would be as our childhood was happy, and the sun was always shining during those long hot summer days when we were young boys, playing with tops, hoops and cigarette cards, and roaming around the green fields of Edenbridge were our great fun and enjoyment.

Blossoms Park Edenbridge
Blossoms Park on the left, one of the many places around Edenbridge we use to explore.
The war had started when we left school, Bill went work in the offices of “Presta” the local mineral water factory in Hever Road, and I joined him there when I left school.

One Christmas we “celebrated” by polishing off some samples of port wine which belonged to the manager, who fortunately was away at the time. At the tender age of 14 I had to be assisted home by Bill feeling rather dizzy and sick, much to my parent’s annoyance and disgust!

My friend Bill was a very good scholar and left school top of the class, as it was in those days.

He left the mineral water factory and worked for a while in Ben Seal’s fruit and veg shop (roughly where Eden watch service is now) before he was called up to join the R.A.F at the young age of 18.