William Walters Story
In The Past.........
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4 R.A.F
5 Operations Begin
6 Lancaster Bomber
7 "Big City" Berlin
8 Danger all Round
9 No Comforts
10 Bombs Gone
11 Occupied Europe
12 Whirlwind
13 Special Opps
14 Peenemunde
15 Aphrodite
16 30th Mission
17 Final Mission
18 Rescue Attempt
19 Final Chapter
Bombs Gone, homeward bound
Dropping the enormous Tallboy bomb
Dropping the enormous Tallboy bomb.
As the target area came closer the enemy searchlights would stream up into the heavens and lock on to the bomber silhouetted against the sky, many hundreds of lethal 88mm anti-aircraft guns would then open up sending up a curtain of high-explosive shells toward the targeted plane, exploding in black puff-balls and showering the plane and crew with red hot shrapnel that cut through the fuselage like razors, tearing all inside apart.

The bomb aimer would take control as the target loomed, lining up the cross markers on the bomb-sight, holding the massive craft steady as he triggered the bomb re-lease button. The “Bombs Gone” shout would be heard as the great aircraft turned and headed for home.

The crew all knew that they would have to “Run the Gauntlet” on their journey back to base, it would be fraught with all the dangers again, so until they saw the coast of Britain, they could not afford to relax.
bombs gone 
Once the bombs gone had been called, homeward bound.

Many hundreds, and hundreds of crippled and damaged bombers with their crews would struggle desperately to get back to the safety of their bases, low on fuel and altitude, many damaged beyond belief with massive holes blown in them by the 88mm’s and shredded by shrapnel. Many had been shot to pieces by enemy fighters causing untold damage, with parts missing. The crew attending to their mates injuries, as they lay dead or dying on the fuselage floor. Some aircraft struggling to get home with one, two, or three engines out of action and stopped.The crew relying and praying for a miracle, with just one engine to get them to safely back to base, pilot and crew fighting with the controls using all their might, courage and determination to keep the plane in the air and get their “beloved” craft back to base until they reached hopefully, the safety of… “Home”.

A flare would be fired from the plane as they neared the airfield notifying the ambulance crews that injured or dying men were on board, giving priority for these aircraft to land first.

Crews would return to base completely exhausted, worn out both physically and mentally by the incessant noise, cold, hunger, fear, long tiring flights, anti-aircraft fire, and enemy fighter attacks. Every 6 weeks the bomber crews were given 6 days leave, but it is little wonder that the crews wanted to reach their 30 missions…and have the long awaited 6 month rest!!!