William Walters Story
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The William Walters Story
first Lancaster crew  57 Squadron
This photograph was taken of the first Lancaster crew when they had joined 57 Squadron at East Kirby, Lincolnshire, before their operation’s started.
The people of Britain realised that the gathering dark clouds of war loomed ever closer as Hitler refused to withdraw his troops from Poland in 1939.

Broadcasting to a very anxious nation on Sunday, September 3rd 1939, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain clearly indicated that war was imminent. The eventual conflict would encompass the globe and become the Second World War.
In every city, town, and village of Britain, Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and through-out the commonwealth countries, hundreds of thousands of young men would rally to the cause of freedom and enlist in the Armed Forces... The British Army, Royal Navy, Merchant Navy, and the Royal Air Force... in a fight against Hitler and Fascism. They would join together in a fight for the freedom of mankind, and would in their own brave and courageous way become heroes and heroines to the country that bore them!!

This story is one of many that can be told, of a young man and the crew of a Lancaster Bomber that flew on missions over occupied Europe, during the dark days of the Second World War.
The crews of these many aircraft were young “boys” and the aircraft that they flew in would either carry them to their glory or their death…as they heroically faced the enemy in the skies above England and Europe.
These boys in the innocence of youth… would soon become men to the horrors of war.
Lancaster Bomber
Lancaster Bomber over the south East coast of England.
The Air Ministry was now searching for new designs in aircraft, ones that would be able to take on the massive German Air Force the Luftwaffe… and destroy it!

Fighter Command and Bomber Command were determined to build the most powerful, fast and deadliest fighter aircraft and long-range heavy bombers. So it was paramount to find the most brilliant aircraft designers in Britain, once these were found plans were drawn up to design the many forms of aircraft that were now to be built and commissioned by the Royal Air Force in their fight for air supremacy.