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Lancaster Bomber
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............................57 Squadron Lancaster B Mk III
57 Squadron Lancaster B Mk IIIBy 1943 the air war was reaching far into the heart of Germany, Sir Arthur Harris C-In-C of Bomber Command had spoken words of prophecy “They have sown the wind, now they are going to reap the whirlwind” Bomber Command had at its disposal a formidable array of heavy bombers that became “The Shining Sword,” aptly named by the Commander in Chief. He knew that these aircraft could and would most certainly deal the final…. “Hammer Blow” …to the Third Reich.
Arthur "Bomber" Harris
Arthur "Bomber" Harris
Of all the bombers used by Bomber Command, it was the Lancaster that would and did become a legend both to its crews and the British people. The Lancaster’s power was in it’s four 1,460 h/p Merlin 20 engines, the armaments it carried was 8x 30 calibre machine guns, plus it’s colossal bomb load totalling 18,000 to 22,000 lbs, depending on it’s target. It carried a crew of seven and consisted of…Pilot, Flight Engineer, Navigator, Bomb Aimer, Wireless Operator, and Two Gunners. On average the Lancaster could only be expected to remain in combat for 3 weeks over the skies of Europe, before being shot down!!!
The all out efforts of Bomber Command bombing by night and the USAAF 8th Air Force bombing by day in small and large 1,000 Bomber raids, was to saturate Germany in “area” bombing missions.
Lancaster returning from another mission.
Lancaster returning from another mission.

The Ruhr was targeted as being the heart of Germany’s industrial might, and called by all Air Force crews as “Happy Valley”. The bomber raids would target and destroy armament factories, chemical plants, military and industrial sites, aircraft production, oil and petrol installations, U-Boat pens, and annihilate the cities of Germany thus hoping to break the morale of the people and bring an early end to the war. Thus, both Air Forces would now be delivering continuous “Round the Clock” destruction, causing devastation to the cities of the Third Reich. These formidable bombers of both air forces would eventually tear the heart out of the Nazi war machine!!!

Raids were to take place on many cities in Germany...The whirlwind that Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris had predicted ………was about to begin!!!