William Walters Story
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5 Operations Begin
6 Lancaster Bomber
7 "Big City" Berlin
8 Danger all Round
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16 30th Mission
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Operations Begin
The bomber crews operations were soon to begin, their first target would take them to the heart of Germany, to “The Big City” as they called it, to the most fortified city on earth…. The Capital… Berlin!!!

Berlin… 600 miles from England, 600 miles from safety, 600 miles from “Home”.

Lancaster being rearmed for the next mission
Lancaster being rearmed for the next mission.

This heavily defended city was ringed by thousands of 88mm anti-aircraft guns that could fire 150 to 200 high-explosive shells per hour into the skies over Berlin. New developments in radar called “Himmelbett” would also protect the capital and assist the German 88mm anti-aircraft ground crews in co-ordinating and informing the Luftwaffe of expected bomber attacks, combined with hundreds of night-fighter aircraft and fanatical pilots standing by ready to intercept the allied bombers, they would be ready for the onslaught that would come, they would defend their capital to the last plane… the last man. The defences around the city proved very successful and many hundreds of allied bombers were shot down. But Bomber Command having established it’s massive 1,000 bomber raids on Berlin was able to penetrate all the defences by sheer numbers of bombers, and continue the “Whirlwind” of destruction. (Known in Germany as terror bombing).

B17 Flying Fortress
B17 Flying Fortress
The might of the United States 8th Air Force with over 350,000 men would assist in the air war and would now join with Bomber Command and establish massive bombing offensives against the enemy.

By late summer of 1942 the USAAF would begin their daylight bombing missions over Germany.
The U.S. 8th Air Force used an array of heavy bombers including the famous B24 Liberator of which 18,000 were built. But it was the B17 Flying Fortress that would become a legend to the USAAF, and it’s heroic crews. The total production of B17s reached to over 12,000 during the Second World War. The B17 carried a crew of 10… 2 pilots, 1 bombardier, 1 flight engineer, 1 navigator, and 5 gunners.

After 25 missions the crew would complete their tour of duty and return to the United States.