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Special Opperations  
Crews prepare for the next mission using the "Tallboy"

Captain Ian Ross and his Lancaster crew had a special briefing from Bomber Command; their targets would now be special ones requiring great accuracy and nerve, as they would often be carrying the very large “Tallboy” 12,000 lb bomb, which was normally carried by just this one squadron.

(Left) Crews prepare for the next mission using the "Tallboy".

Their first target with 617 Squadron was the railway marshalling yards at Juvisy, in France. The mission was carried out on the 18th April 1944, followed by a raid on La Chapelle on the 29th. Factories at Brunswick, Germany were attacked and bombed on the 22nd. The final bombing mission for April was carried out flying to Milan in Italy on the 24th.
From May 3rd to May 31st 1944, much navigational practise was undertaken in preparation for “D-DAY”, June 6 th. The crew were briefed for a new mission that was to be “special and accurate” a course was flown by the squadron for several hours over Germany dropping radar-jamming material to make the enemy think that the bombers were invading in a different area.
U-Boat Pens Brest - 5th August 1944
U-Boat Pens Brest - 5th August 1944.

Codenamed “Window” it consisted of thin strips of aluminium foil cut to the special size of 265mm (10 ½” long) half the wavelength of the German radar, then dropped at height in hundreds of bundles from the aircraft when they reached the German defences, as it broke up it drifted miles to the ground thus creating a ”snowstorm” effect blinding the radar operators of any visual display of allied bombers on their radar screens. The flak defences and the German night fighter control headquarters were completely disrupted and confused by this strange phenomenon. It was a brilliant success and outstandingly clever at deceiving all enemy radar stations.

Window - blinding the Radar like a snowstorm
One such raid using “Window” was to Hamburg, Bomber Command knew that the shipyards of Hamburg were producing fleets of U-Boats that were still causing untold losses to Allied shipping in the Atlantic, and that massive concentrations of war industry armaments was being produced there. On the night of 24/25 July 1943, and the following nights “Operation Gomorrah” would be carried out, it was designed to obliterate the city with massive bombing raids using high explosives, and incendiary bombs.
“Window” the secret of Bomber Command was used, millions of tin foil strips were thrown from the bombers by the allied air crews, to the effect that the radar stations of the ground and night fighter crews of the Luftwaffe were completely “Blinded” and confused by it’s use, there-by giving a clear unmolested run for the allied bombers to destroy the city in a “Firestorm” … like the force of a “Hurricane” the bombs exploded and enveloped the city in fire-ball, a cauldron of destruction… suffocating thousands to death.