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The Whirlwind
German City Destroyed by the RAFWith the incredible amount of Bombing missions being carried out, the words of Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris were coming true ”They would reap the Whirlwind” …This “whirlwind” of incessant day and night bombing raids being inflicted upon German cities did eventually raze many to the ground, killing thousands, and destroying everything. The R.A.F and the USAAF Air Chiefs were more determined than ever to continue the relentless “Whirlwind” of bombing raids without let-up, they would Bomb Germany into submission.

In April 1944, Captain Ian Ross and his crew left 57 Squadron, and joined the famous 617 “Dam Busters” Squadron at Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, where they were to stay for the remainder of their service.

The confidence that Bomber Command now displayed was realising that the massive 1,000 bomber raids did lower the morale and hope of the German people, they had to accept and face severe adversity as their cities became flaming pyres.

With their new bomber offensives called “Operation Thunderclap” these attacks would create a cataclysmic effect on the cities of Germany.

After me, the flood
Motto: "Aprés moi, le deluge"
("After me, the flood").
Hamburg Marshalling Yards after a bombing raid
Hamburg Marshalling Yards after
a bombing raid.
The bomber crews evolved new skills and techniques called “Over-shoot”, an attack on the city of Darmstadt on September 11th 1944, proved just how much devastation was caused, aircraft would approach targets from seven different angles and release their bomb loads at different set timings beyond the markers set by the Pathfinder squadrons, thus the “Over-shoot” caused tremendous devastation as fires engulfed the city, the destruction was spread further than by ordinary bombing methods. Later these destructive attacks would be delivered to many cities of the Reich.
The Hammer Blow

With the “Hammer Blow” destruction of their cities came the loss of water and electricity supplies, heating their homes was practically impossible, all transport such as trams, trains, buses, and cars were halted, clothing and footwear was rare especially in winter, medicines became impossible to obtain as hospitals would only treat injured soldiers from the front line, food became very scarce as towards the last months and days of the war people became so desperate for food that they resorted to eating horses, and whatever they could find.

Damage to Nazi occupied factories after a heavy bombing raid.
Damage to Nazi occupied factories after a heavy bombing raid.

The German people on average had only 900 calories per day to sustain them … such was the glorious Nazi Third Reich…the retribution had now begun!!!

All these deprivations and hard ships prolonged the agony and misery for the German nation, but in their defiance of not surrendering the bombing would without fail continue.

How true were the words now spoken by Sir Arthur Harris “The Writing is on the Wall for the German nation and the Third Reich”. The massive bombing raids continued to destroy and devastate the cities of the enemy.