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Kent Police – crime figures

Comparison with national figures
(% change from 2002/03 in recorded crime):



Violence Against the Person



Sexual Offences






Violent Crime



Domestic Burglary



Burglary Other



Theft of & from MV



Other thefts & Handling



Criminal Damage



All Crime



  • All crime : nationally Kent has the eighth lowest per 1,000 population figure.
  • Domestic burglary : nationally Kent has the ninth lowest per 1,000 household figure.
      • Since 1995/96 Kent has reduced domestic burglary by 51.0%.
      • Since 1998/99 Kent has reduced domestic bur glary by 26.2% (the 11 th highest reduction nationally)
  • Theft of and from vehicles : Nationally, Kent has the sixth lowest per 1,000 population figure.
      • Continued reduction: down 1.9% from 2002/03.
      • Since 1995/96 Kent has reduced theft of and from vehicles by 53.9%.
      • Since 1998/99 Kent has reduced theft of and from vehicles by 34.3% (nationally the third highest reduction).
  • Violent Crime : Nationally, Kent has the seventh lowest per 1,000 population figure.
      • Overall, violent crime increased by 11.5% compared with 2002/03.
      • Home Office research has found that changes in recording practices and reporting levels make it difficult to assess the trend in vi olence.  The nature of violent crime is changing and while British Crime Survey figures suggest the number of offences has remained stable, the number of crimes reported and recorded has increased.   Nationally, there has been an increase in reporting violent crime, from 35% in 1999 to 41% in 2002/03 and also a large increase in recording, from 36% in 1999 to 52% in 2002/03.

      • Violence against the person : Kent saw an 11.7% increase compared with 2002/03. Some of this is believed to be as a result of changes in the way crime is recorded.
      • Nationally, Kent has the fifth lowest per 1,000 population figure.
      • From April 2002, the definition of common assault changed and now only relates to assaults involving no injury. Of the 20,512 violence against the person offences recorded in Kent in 2003/04, 41% were common assault, racially/religiously aggravated common assault and harassment offences, which involve no physical injury to the victim.
      • Many of the less serious offences will have resulted in minor injuries, such as bruising, grazing and black eyes.
      • Domestic violence and sexual offences : In 2003/04, the number of domestic violence incidents recorded by Kent Police increased by 25% (3,281 incidents) compared with 2002/03. With more incidents being reported to us and investigated, we would anticipate an increase in violent crime.
      • An increase in sexual offences of 28.8% (273 offences), and an increase in domestic violence incidents is thought in part to be the result of people having more confidence in Kent Police and the criminal justice system as a whole.
    • Hate crime and harassment: Kent Police continues to work with minority groups to ensure the community as a whole receives an excellent service.
  • Harassment offences increased by 18.0% (336 offences) compared with 2002/03 – this is a relatively new offence and an incr ease could suggest that the public are becoming more knowledgeable of the law and their rights. The increase could also be linked to the increase in domestic violence incidents.
  • Robbery: Kent saw a 5.6% drop compared with 2002/03. Kent’s Policing Plan for 2003/04 targeted street robbery (i.e. Robbery – personal).
  • Firearm offences : In 2003/04 there were 65 offences, compared with 64 in 2002/03, making this type of offence very rare in Kent.

Criminal damage : Kent saw an 18.8% increase compared with 2002/03. The figure is based on the following offences: criminal damage to dwellings, criminal damage to othe r buildings, criminal damage to vehicles, criminal damage – other, racially/religiously aggravated criminal damage offences x 4 (dwelling, other buildings, vehicles and other), arson and threats to commit criminal damage.

  • 41% of total criminal damage re lates to vehicles. The damage may as serious as slashed tyres or damaged paintwork, through to a broken aerial.
  • The introduction of more uniformed neighbourhood officers, including Police Community Support Officers and Rural Wardens means that more minor damage offences are being reported to Kent Police.

Detection rates: The national rate was 23.5% and in Kent the figure was 24.7%.

  • For offences d etected through an offender being charged or summonsed, cautioned, having an offence taken into consideration or receiving a fixed penalty notice (known as sanction detections), the Kent figure was 22.3% compared with 18.8% nationally.
  • Kent Police is committed to taking positive action against offenders - echoed by the increase in numbers of offenders brought to justice (i.e . offenders convicted at court, cautioned, having offences taken into consideration or receiving a fixed penalty notice).


National and Kent detection rates



Violence Against the Person



Sexual Offences






Violent Crime






All Crime



  • Force control centre : In 2003/04 performance continued to improve and by the end of the year call answering performance was at an all time high.

April 2003 to March 2004 perfor mance:

90.1% of 999 calls were answered within 10 seconds (target = 90%).

73.3% of public calls were answered within 30 seconds (target = 70%).

88.9% of central switchboard calls were answered within 15 seconds (target = 90%).

71.3% of crime recording call s were answered within 30 seconds (target = 70%).

Public Satisfaction : Kent Police strive to ensure that the service provided always meets or exceeds the public’s expectations.

April 2003 to March 2004 performance:

    • 96.0% of the public were satisfied with the time taken to answer a 999 call.
    • 88.8% of the public were satisfied with the arrival time of a police officer dealing with an immediate response incident.
    • 82.6% of the public were satisfied with police action in response to 999 calls.
    • 86.3% of vic tims were satisfied with police initial response to a report of violent crime.
    • 92.6% of victims were satisfied with police initial response to a report of burglary of a dwelling.
    • 91.2% of victims of road traffic collisions were satisfied with the police se rvice at the scene.
    • 75.8% of victims of racist incidents were satisfied with the police service when dealing with the incident.

Kent was one of the top five Forces in last year’s Home Office baseline assessment – and we’re committed to building on our performance to make Kent an even safer county.

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