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Reg's Scoot 4 Life...Journey of a Lifetime Accomplished...Home at Last...!!!


Hi All,


Here is the very last update, Reg arrived at Poole Bridge LBS to be greeted by the coxswain and crew, and local newspaper 

After a hot cuppa Reg was presented with a knitted RNLI man and a Poole RNLI clock.

Lots of photos later, we all walked along to the RNLI college where we were met by loud cheers from friends and family and Meridian TV who filmed and interviewed us.

After a couple of glasses of champagne, we went into the college where we had a guided tour and talk,followed by sandwiches and a drink.What a fantastic day it was and a brilliant way to end the project.

The next day Brian went home leaving us to have a couple of days on our own to visit friends,and look around the area.



A lifetime adventure on his mobility scooter

We arrived home on the 17th, and only now feel we are straight.

We would like to thank everyone who helped in any way with the project and to date have raised £4600 and rising.


If you would like further info on press releases, newspaper clips, and utube click on link www.chosa.org.uk


Best Regards Reg, Brenda, Brian,and Sam.xx

Reg's "Trip of a Lifetime"...update 16th August


Hi All,

Left site at Ramsgate and drove to Peasmarsh 55miles, behind The Cock Inn which was handy.

Meridian phoned they are going to meet us tomorrow(Tony sorted this out).

In eve went to Tenterden to do shopping and on to Ann & Rays for dinner and showers.

Up early and out to Littlestone LBS when meridian phoned and cancelled due to 2 murders in the area,nobody at station so onto Dungeness where we waited for Reg,on arrival met coxswain and had a chat about an experimental jet boat they had there,then onto Rye which was closed. Ann,Ray and Rays mum and dad turned up with washing and monies they had collected for us.

Back to site and had our meal in the pub.

3rd aug Moved again to Stonecross Nursery near Pevensey Bay 28miles really hot on arrival,chatted to site owner who gave us our site fees back very generously,in evening went to see our friend Jenny who used to run The king and Queen in Edenbridge.

Raining hard when we woke, left site and dropped Reg off to do Hastings, raining hard when he arrived he was soaked through,and couldn’t believe there was Ann, and 3of her daughters and about 8 children,1 husband and Anns neighbour who is nearly 93all cheering him on,and all soaked,we then went into LBS and they showed the children the boat and made hot drinks.

Reg then scootered on to Sovereign Harbour where Eastbourne LBS is,had coffee and chat with coxswain.

5th aug Nice and sunny hot morning dropped Reg off at Sovereign Harbour and he scootered to New Haven LBS a long way was surprised by Tony and Laura turning up had a quick chat then we all went to Brighton Marina and waited for Reg to turn up and then went in pub for a drink,and then looked around LBS,Back to site in eve then Ann &Win came and collected all my washing to do for me.

Moved again today 56miles to Birdham really bad traffic took us ages to get there then started raining so got on computer and managed to do a few things, went into Chichester and did shopping.

7th aug Phoned Brenda,s dad to wish him a Happy Birthday and Maddox (grandson)who is 2 ,and then had a fry up and did washing etc all morning and had aft off walking along Chichester canal and generally relaxing.In eve went to see Reg cousin at Bosham Harbour.

Drove Reg to Shoreham LBS had a look round then left for Littlehampton LBS lovely day again but windy. Ann,Ray Win and Carol turned up with my washing,then we all walked along to LBS,had drink then walked back and went into restaurant and had a meal and catch up.

9th aug Went to Selsey had a look around chatted to coxswain then Reg scootered to Hayling Island took him nearly 4hours we were met there by Dee and a station master who were pleased to see us and gave us a booklet on there LBS, then onto Portsmouth we had to go mostly in the car because of road systems.Looked at lots of photos at Portsmouth and had coffee didn’t leave till 7.30 in eve and still warm.

10th aug moved to near Milford on Sea to do the last 4LBS sunny but windy

Went for drive around and into Christchurch.

Woke to rain so decided to do Calshot,Lymington,Mudeford tomorrow as better weather and then on Saturday finish at Poole LBS about 2oclock and then onto HQ and hopefully we will be allowed to look around the college.

This is our last update,hope it sends as lousy signal again,hope we havent bored you See you all soon Love Reg,Brenda Brian and of course Samxx



Reg's "Trip of a Lifetime"...update 6th August


Hi All,

Moved today to Wrentham it was 43miles away,arrived and it was hot and sunny for a while so did some washing then it rained hard so we had to put airer in shower,tv reception terrible mobiles not bad.

Rain during night really noisy but dry this morning.Left site to go to Great Yarmouth found LBS had a look around then left for Lowestoft LBS only John there,started raining hard for a while then we went back to site.

19th July Reg scootered from site into Southwold while Brian and I spent 2hours in the launderette its so boring.After that came Aldeburgh found LBS and some crew really nice area.Back to site for dinner.

Moved to Thorpe le Soken near Clacton nice easy run 56miles tv brilliant ,mobiles bad.

Drove to Harwich LBS met 2crew and chatted to lady in shop then Reg left for Walton&Frinton found LBS on the end of pier and crew room elsewhere,had photos taken and was told could go into local papers.

Reg then scootered onto Clacton along the prom,didn’t take long but it was dead there no money collected.

16weeks away today,tried to book hair appt all booked up.All drove to Colchester then dropped Reg off with 9miles to go couldn’t do it any other way because of road system and he went onto West Mersea.Brian and I arrived first and sat in café then reg turned up and a couple of men were looking at scooter found out they were crew so they phoned up station officer who arrived on his bike ,took photos and showed us round,and was very pleased to see us.

Raining hard all night hard to sleep,the next day went to Little Bromley where we met Lynda,Simon and Eloise for lunch they were on the way back from Norwich there daughters graduation and they kindly treated us all for lunch nice to catch up.

24th July Up and out 48miles to go to Burnham on Crouch lovely and warm on arrival did all utilities then Brian left to go to London to collect his road tax and stayed till following eve,meanwhile Reg and I did all shopping and washing etc and looked around.

26th Reg left site earlyish chilly wind,scootered to Burnham on Crouch nobody there then onto Southend managed to collect some money for a change onto pier visited shop no crew around.

27th Onto Ramsgate 97miles long journey but now into Kent at last.

Lovely site but expensive ,started to drizzle so got computer out signal ok so caught up with things have now learnt how to upload my video clips onto Utube .Went for a look round and sussed out LBS.

Up and out went into town and booked hair apt then onto Sheerness LBS which was in the docks, luckily we had phoned ahead as we had to fill in forms and wear a one day pass and couldn’t take any photos only

the LBS.Met Robin the coxswain had coffee and eat our lunch there he gave us £20 (found out sam shouldn’t have been in car we didn’t know)because of rabbies.Onto Whitstable really hot there waited around for Reg to arrive then we saw Adrian Edmonson walk by with a film crew and after filming we were going to approach him but he disappeared.

29th Reg scootered from site to Margate met a few crew went on boat then left for Ramsgate ,had our lunch there then onto Walmer where they were waiting gave us £15.

Next day drove reg to Walmer where he set off for Dover we arrived first was a few people around as it was open day there Reg turned up at 12clock we all had a cuppa and photos taken then left just on the move when Tony and Laura and dogs turned up,what a lovely surprise,went back into Ramsgate to get hair done while Brian and Reg tried to collect it was very hot,spent a couple of hours in pub garden very nice.

31st Ann and Ray came today spent all day and eve with us out and about taking photos.

Well will close now caught up to end of month probably cant send for a few days see you soon Reg, Brenda ,Brian and Samxx



Reg's "Trip of a Lifetime"...update 27th July


Hi All,

July 11th up and out, lovely sunny morning 21degrees, went to Cleethorpes lovely clean place and promenade found LBS chatted and had coffee Reg left there to go on to Mablethorpe, Brian and I hung around to try and collect money but the place was dead drove on to Mablethorpe it was dead there as well but very nice, had an ice cream then back to the site cant believe the lack of people about.

Sunny and breezy today,Reg left site and scootered to Skegness while Brian and I got fuel and did banking. Into LBS had coffee and photos managed to collect a little,did shopping,cooked dinner found out site was free so saved £30. Next day moved 87miles to Burnham Market site ok. Had sarnies tv signal and mobiles really bad, drove into Wells to have a look around lovely place lots of boats, did a long walk with Sam along tow path, back to site had dinner tried Internet really bad.

July 14th rain and windy during night.Colin text to say Leanne started contractions during night.

Happy Birthday Laura!!.

Drove Reg to Hunstanton met LBS manager who showed us around lovely sandy beach but nobody on it.Reg went onto Wells when we caught up with him we found LBS and stayed after coffee to watch an exercise.Back to site for dinner. No tv rubbish signal.

On July 15th Colin texted us to say Harley was born in the early hours and he sent a lovely picture on phone.

Moved today to North Walsham only 35miles away after all utilities set up all left for Sheringham LBS it took ages to find and lots of walking had a donation then Reg left for Cromer we all caught up with each other chatted to mechanic the LBS was at the end of the pier a really long walk,got directions to Happisburgh LBS where Reg had to sit around ages for us really hard to find and very isolated.

Did 3 LBS and moved today as Reg's birthday tomorrow and wanted him to have day off.

Had a lie in this morning Reg opening birthday cards in bed (which he didn’t expect so many people had done in advance) when Jim arrived from Edenbridge to see us at 9am, he came loaded with goodies and then took us out for lunch had a lovely roast the first one for 15weeks.

In afternoon after Jim left had lots of birthday texts to answer and birthday e.mails.


Well must close now Love from Reg, Brenda and Brian and Sam xx



Reg's "Trip of a Lifetime"...update 20th July


Hi All,

On  the 4th July, up and out slightly earlier than usual, hot and sunny with 27miles to go, lovely site in a place called Hunmanby ,with kennels Brian turned up late so there was three of us to push the caravan into position which was quite a task.Into Filey found launderette did 2 loads of washing and a big shop to last a few more days back to site for dinner (internet really bad)

On the  5th July it was a Happy Birthdayto  Terry!!

Took Reg to Scarborough LBS met the press officer had photos taken then he scootered onto Filey both stations actually knew we were on way. Next scootered onto Flamborough,nobody there it was very secluded empty beach dead.Back to site started raining for the rest of the evening.

Tony sorted out with Hull Newspaper to visit us today at Bridlington at 3pm(in hull and east riding paper yesterday)so had a little lie in, showers and a fry up and caught up with odd jobs. Left 1.30 to do the 8miles into Bridlington arrived to meet the coxwain Stuart, nice and sunny had our sarnies and coffee out front of LBS hoping to see people as we were in the paper the day before but as we finished coffee the heavens opened it was torrential for a while so not much was collected.Press turned up again,more photos which will be in The Hull Daily mail on Friday.On way back to site stopped at Hunmanby Gap walked sam up the cliffs really warm,lovely long sandy beach. Back to site for cuppa then into Filey for meal in pub.

On the 7th July we drove 18miles and went out and got more toilet chemicals and a new gas bottle.

Next day the move was to Withernsea 26miles only 17deg sunshine and showers. Arrived ok nice easy site to put caravan on,Reg was really happy as pub along road 2min walk, so we had our meal in there in eve(found out we didn’t have to pay for site which was great)

On the 9th July was a sunny start and we were up and out by 11clock.Reg scootered into Withernsea LBS from site had photos taken and a long chat.Brian and I had to nip to launderette again more washing done and dried (cost a fortune)Reg then scootered to Humber LBS 16miles and was told the scooter wouldn’t make it

We caught up with him in pub car park someone had given him £10 they had seen him through pub window,had our sarnies then we went on to spurn point to Humber LBS lovely area nature reserve.It took Reg quite a while to do the 3 miles along the track it was sandy, narrow, and slow we met crew who knew we were coming had the usual coffee and chat,we stayed 2.5hours and had photos taken they were all so surprised he had made it on scooter.

Next day lady who owns site came to see us and said we should go to LBS as they were having bike ride from LBS,so Reg scootered in to Withernsea met the mayor who gave us a donation,and also a business man donated,we were then invited to village hall for refreshments,stayed a while then back to site and moved caravan on 75miles.

Well must close now still a little behind with updates due to internet

Bye for now love,reg,Brenda and Brianxxx


Reg's "Trip of a Lifetime"...update 26th June


Hi All,

Well its taken a long time to be able to send you an update the signals for internet and mobiles has been really bad.

Well we have done Seahouses,Craster and Amble LBS in one day,didn’t collect much money but weather was lovely so nice to feel warm.

26th June had day off today as managed to do 3 yesterday,weather hot so went to Druridge Bay and Sam and I had a paddle, then Reg found a poppy field so spent ages there taking photos and had a lazy day. Back to site and had dinner outside which made a nice change.

27th June Lovely start to the day into Amble did washing and banking.Reg left from Amble and scootered to New Biggen,caught up with him nobody at station so had sarnies on bench by beach in sun(what a change from car parks in rain) Reg then went to Cullercoats nobody there either it was a lovely spot,then scootered on to Tynemouth(100th)LBS had coffee and chat and watched them go out on exercise.Dry day for Reg but there was a thunder storm while we were in station.

28th June Brian up and out by 8am to take car to Newcastle for service and mot so Reg and I had to have day off, more washing done, meal out and general look around.Brian phoned in afternoon to say car had failed mot needed welding done on exhaust luckily

someone took him back to site.

29th June Brian had phone call at 8am to say car would be ready in a couple of hours,started packing up caravan then they went and collected car and we moved on 57miles really hot day to Hartlepool,did all utilities and went and got shopping and diesel.

Next day took Reg to Sunderland LBS nobody there, ontoSeaham where we all met up for our sarnies,then reg scootered into Hartlepool,met Garry had cuppa and lots of photos taken which will be going in newspaper in a couple of days,back to site and dinner etc.Had some lovely photos e.mailed of Abi our grandaughter getting ready for the proms she looked stunning.

1st July Left site to move to Whitby 45miles really lovely day again,struggled to find the site and when we did had a struggle putting caravan on site as the car started stalling ;hadn’t done it since Aberystwth,it just isn’t happy reversing up a slight incline,so

A man in the next caravan came out and hooked it up on his 4x4 and managed the job,think the ram brake needs greasing again!!!

Went into Whitby in eve took photos of abbey,Reg fell over again and badly grazed his knee,was ok though,and Whitby was heaving with people.

Next day really hot,drove into Redcar 25miles huge place lots of people about,found LBS quick photos onto Staithes and Runswick down very steep hill nobody there very beautiful spot nice harbour,back to site, sat out and had dinner outside for a change.

3rd Beautiful morning blue skies and hot Reg scootered into Whitby

Really packed out only collected a little because we had been seen in paper.Had afternoon off went on steam train Grosemont to Pickering (really boring scenery)Back to site still hot sat out an hour before getting dinner,found out dongle had ran out so had to phone tony to find out what to do and Reg sorted it out next day.

Well must close to try and get this to you all as were running behind bye for now, Happy Birthday Terry and Lauraxxxx

Love Reg,Brenda and Brianxxx



Reg's "Trip of a Lifetime"...update 18th June


Hi All,

Well still keep getting wet and cold weather can only get better.

When we arrived at Anstruther we accidently met the press officer so had a chat and he took photos which he put on RNLI website and also the Fife Courier.Really lovely day was nice to walk around and be warm.Reg then scootered to Kinghorn a really lovely spot had coffee and photos and chatted to crew and then back to caravan for dinner.

20th June Left site 11.30 54miles to do and 17deg but no sun nice site only staying 1day to do 2LBS.After sarnies Reg scootered to North Berwick and then onto Dunbar and weather started changing so we caught Reg up and helped him put on his waterproof coat but a few minutes later it was torrential rain and he reached Dunbar absolutely soaked through nobody in station so went straight back to site so he could shower and get out of his wet clothes.Rain during eve and early hours had to pack up in the rain,only 34miles to do and 13degrees onto Eyemouth sat all afternoon catching up with diary and shopping lists and odd jobs,went over club site as they had one for a drink absolutely dead only 2 other people in said nobodys got any money.Rain all night again and during morning and windy,but started clearing up so Reg decided to go for it so we drove him to St Abbs lovely harbour we were met by the press officer who showed us e.mails and press cuttings which had gone out and were internal on the RNLI website.Reg scootered on to Eyemouth LBS nobody there.Did big shop back to site decided to eat out along front only people in pub dead here as well ,good food then found out one of crew of LBS was owner of pub and while eating saw lifeboat go out on a shout so when we had finished went round to see them they were pleased to see us and gave us keys for LBS to go in the morning for showers and using phone etc brilliant.

The next morning up early went to LBS for showers and cuppa back to site Brian had gone to docs for cream for his dermatitis which had decided to flare up.Reg then left for Berwick on Tweed from site and he was 2hours late for a meeting with a couple of ladies who are press officers and councillors and have both been mayors,he had got himself really lost for the first time trying to avoid dual carriageways anyway eventually made it had coffee,chat and photos,and they gave us a £5 each.Back to site for dinner and e.mails.

24th June Sunny morning with chilly wind Brian had a phone call from Motability to say his MOT runs out by 28th and he wasn’t aware of this thought it was july when he has to have a service.

Moved 49miles to Broomhill near Amble easy run only 15 deg arrived on site ,owner not there but found a signpost stuck in hedge with RNLI on.Went into town as Reg needed another 3months perscription that took a while to sort out .


Well must close now Love Reg Brenda,Brian and Samxxxxx



Reg's Scoot 4 Life June 11th


Hi all,

Well, we moved from John o' Groats after visiting Thurso and Wick and moved to Dingwall 107miles away, and cold at 14degrees when we left there, but arrived in lovely sunshine where we actually managed to sit out for a couple of hours, did a load of washing and got it all dried and put away which was a result good tumble driers on the site (some are not very good just take your money).

On the 11th we took Reg to Invergordon to start which was open doing fund raising had coffee and bought a few bits, Reg left from there to scooter to Kessock a long ride, did a load of shopping and went on to meet Reg by the time he arrived he was frozen, so went in coffee shop for scone and coffee, back to site and more rain all evening.

On 13th went to Inverness, the car went in for a service and we went to Dingwall hospital where Brenda had x-rays on her sternum after her fall, no breakages but could take 8 weeks to mend and very painful, also all managed to have haircuts which we had all wanted for a couple of weeks.

On June 14th we left the site and drove 87miles, still a bit cold at 17degrees but felt warmer,arrived Macduff had sarnies then drove Reg to LBS nobody there so Reg scootered to go to Buckie (nobody there either) lovely sunny day all day, back to site and spent all evening sorting out next site.

June 15th was a sunny and breezy start as Reg left for Fraserburgh from the site, after finishing chores we caught up with Reg who was stopped on a hill couldn’t get up it. Scooter stopped on the spot so we all had to push it up the hill (first time this has happened) it was on a 1/5 gradient, but the rest of journey was ok.Met the coxwain at station had the usual coffee and then we were really surprised to be given a £100 cheque from him from there crew funds. Reg then scootered along to Peterhead another big port found LBS eventually.

June 16th rained all night again, and half the morning, left site to go to St Cyrus 77miles away as the sun came out during journey where we met lots more traffic than we have been used to, the roads have been so quiet all through Wales and Scotland, but nearing Aberdeen was a shock, arrived ok to a lovely site with lots of flowers. After sarnies we took Reg to Aberdeen LBS as he wasn’t going to do a city, we met Callum a mechanic who showed us round a 7 boat which was the largest.

June 17th, met lady off the site to pay her but she wouldn’t take any money so that went in RNLI pot, Reg scootered to Montrose LBS ate our sarnies there and were given £50 from the coxwain so we did well in the last couple of days.Next was Arbroath where photos were taken in front of boat by crew member.

Went and met an Auntie in Arbroath for couple of hours and then back to site. Left next day in rain Reg and Brian were soaked by the time we left 57 miles and only 11degrees and very cold.

We arrived at Markinch for 2 days to do 3 LBS still raining, had no electric for a while upturned the caravan to check fuses etc, to later find Brian had not connected it up properly it was a different set up than usual. Lots more washing done and dried.

Well must close now and get this sent and start the next trip.  

Bye for now love Reg,Brenda and Brianxxx



Reg's Scoot 4 Life June 4th


Hi all,

Well lots of things have happened since last update, Reg woke up and heard a crack in his side which was immediately painful which was decided was a rib probably a result of the fall he had a few days earlier. Lynda left the site towing in cold and rain and only 9 degrees and went to a site near Oban with a walled garden really nice.

Reg decided not to scoot so we took him to A&E in Oban where they just said take pain killers. Rained all night and woke to rain, hung around doing chores for a while but in the end Reg had to venture out in rain scootered to Oban LBS nobody there as they were all out on a shout.

The next day Lynda towed 36miles to a site at Fort William, and even backed caravan into position for the first time under Reg's instruction(well done Lynda)we were under the shadow of Ben Nevis stunning scenery all around. In the evening drove Lynda to Fort William train station where she boarded a sleeper train home after staying with us 13days.

Really hot today Reg had 27miles to do to Malliag.

Brian and Brenda stopped for sandwiches and to give Sam a stretch and then Brenda fell over onto stones very painful, so on arrival at Malliag went straight into chemist buying arnica and paracetamol.

On 4th June decided to go to Isle of Skye as no other sites in the area would take dogs, so 86.5 miles later through lovely scenery arrived onto a really small site next to a loch and the owners manhandled the caravan onto the edge of the loch with stunning views. Later during evening she came round with our site fees which she gave us back and an extra £20 and 6 fresh eggs and homemade cake.

The next morning she took 2 loads of washing from us and got it all dried while we were out doing the LBS(Kyle of Lochalsh+ Portree and we collected money as well as the sun was shining and people were about.

June 6th we left for Ullapool a 100mile trip, broke a few bits in the caravan as pot holes in road(plate+glass etc)It was a nice site next to the beach where we saw ringed plovers on beach and oyster catchers. Rained all night and windy, two caravaners gave us £15 for the charity, then we left and dropped Reg off to scooter to Lochinver, cold, windy and rainy, he had 19 miles to do, when we got there the crew were not very interested which was a first.

Rained all night again, sunny in the morning so left to go to John o' Groats, 127miles and 15 degrees, now much warmer for us, really easy run on single track roads with passing places, beautiful scenery so we cut across Scotland rather than take the coast road which was longer and more single track roads.

Arrived in sunshine and had time to sit out for a change.

Well must close now bedtime but still light

Happy Birthday Sue, Happy Birthday Lynda

Get Well Sally

Love Reg, Brenda Brian and Sam xxxx


Latest lifeboat Rescues and Fundraising News...Reg Marchant


Rescue watch is a regular column about the work of North Devon's RNLI and RAF rescue teams.

THERE have only been three lifeboat launches in the last four weeks.

The first was on Friday, April 8 at 8am when a leisure fishing boat with two people on board had got lost in the estuary during the morning fog and had run aground, somewhere in the region of Crow Point.

With no radio, the casualty phoned Swansea Coastguard who requested the help of the inshore lifeboat, Douglas Pailey.

eg Marchant and his support team visit Appledore Lifeboat Station as part of 'Scoot4Life'


When the lifeboat arrived in the area the volunteer crew could not see anything through the fog, it was so thick.

The coastguard requested the lifeboat to turn off its engines while the casualties were asked to shout in order that they could be located.

Once the casualties were found, their vessel was refloated and towed back to Instow where they were handed over to the coastguard, the casualties came from the Barnstaple area.

The moral of this rescue is please do not take a boat out in the water when it's foggy.

Had the boat been in the deep channel it is very unlikely a larger commercial vessel going into, or out of, the estuary would have seen it, and the incident could have become extremely dangerous.

On Friday, April 15 at 8.30 in the evening, calls started to come into the coastguard reporting sightings of red flares upriver at Bideford.

As the tide was so low the shallow draught boarding boat was immediately launched and searched the area for any boat in distress while the land-based local coastguards searched from the land.

After an hour it became clear the red flares had not been set off as a "Mayday", but as a hoax. This is totally illegal and anyone caught doing this can, and almost inevitably will be, prosecuted and fined extremely heavily.

To set off a red flare means you are in a life-threatening situation, in severe and imminent danger.

Once seen, all emergency services which could help will be called upon to do so. Flares are explosive and should not get into the wrong hands.

They are far more dangerous than fireworks and should never be set off in "fun".

Out-of-date flares must be disposed of safely and our nearest disposal point is in Falmouth.

The third launch was for a tender being washed down the river on a high tide.

This was spotted from the lifeboat station and the station officers collected this by boarding boat who towed it to safety.

Appledore lifeboat station was honoured on Sunday, April 17 by a visit from Reg Marchant and his support team consisting of his wife Brenda, lifelong friend Brian Scott, and 17-year-old Sam the dog.

Reg Marchant is taking part in Scoot4Life in which he is travelling around the coast of mainland UK on a mobility scooter to raise funds for the RNLI and the British Polio fellowship.

He set off from Poole on April 2 at 2pm and is travelling in a clockwise direction.

It is expected that the trip will take six months and he averages 8mph.

Both Brian and Reg had polio as a child and this is why Reg uses the mobility scooter and he just wants to show that those with a disability can do anything an able bodied person can.

More information can be found on his website www.scoot4life.co.uk



Reg's "Trip of a Lifetime"....update 23rd May




Hi All.

Last nights winds were really horrendous and we were advised not to move by the site owner. So we took his advice and decided to pass some time by eating lunch out, we went to Portpatrick where the winds were worse than at the caravan site. Brian and Reg really struggled to walk and we’ve never known Reg take so long to get in to a pub, Lynda and I were in hysterics!!

Lovely meal in the pub and a very bracing walk along the seafront, took lots of photos of raging seas, getting wet and salty in the process. The next day Lynda towed for 47 miles to a lovely site The Walled Garden where we spent 1 night at a big discount from the owner. Reg left on the scooter after lunch to go to Girvan and then we drove to collect him. No internet, no mobile signals but did loads of washing.

25th May...

Reg drove off the site 4miles to get a signal to phone the next site but nobody picked up the phone so we decided to move and hope for the best that we could get a site. Lynda towed to near Troon where we sat in a layby while Reg and Brian went ahead to find a site (this is the first time this has happened) they found a site in Saltcoats so we came in on satnav.When we arrived it poured hard we all got soaked another first. After lunch we decided to stay an extra day as it was raining so much for Reg to scoot and as he had fallen over decided to sit in and we had internet so managed to send you all 2 updates.

After looking at maps decided scooting was impossible due to duel carriage ways in all directions. So we all drove to Troon where we were met by a lovely lady Carolyn and a fellow crew member Walter who gave us coffee, showed us the LBS and also managed to get us all onto the boat for an in-depth tour, which we all thought was wonderful. After having our sandwiches and been given a few goodies, we drove back to the site. Then Reg scooted to Largs LBS.

27th May...

Lynda towed the caravan 59 miles to Loch Long and as we arrived it typically rained again! We arrived to discover that they had had 120mph winds which had turned 2 caravans over and uprooted trees all over the place. We were staying on this site for 4 days to cover the bank holiday weekend, the next morning Reg scooted to Helensburgh LBS it was closed and we found Reg there cold and wet.

Due to the long distance to the next LBS we drove to Tighnabruiach and Campbeltown (95 miles). Beautiful scenery, sunny day couldn’t believe our luck, Reg had a brief encounter with 2 crewmen who were very disappointed that they were unable to show us around the Lifeboat or take us out on it as it was a bank holiday and they were off to do there own thing.

Must close now

Reg, Brenda, Brian and Lynda and of course Sam xxxxx

Reg's "Trip of a Lifetime"....update 15th May


We travelled 125 miles to St Bees in the Lake District. We were positioned right next to the sea which was very windy and very noisy when the tide came in but was great soothing noise to go to sleep to!!

Another site with no internet and limited mobile signal. We decided not to do Barrow as 58 miles away and it was raining hard and thought we wouldn’t collect any money. So we went on to Workington, we arrived but couldn’t find the lifeboat station at first. We then had a call from Reg who was stuck on a dual carriage way which wasn’t on his map, so we had to go back and rescue him.

We eventually found the LBS in the pouring rain across the docks, disused railway tracks and in-between the cranes etc. Where we met Richard the mechanic who made us coffee and let us eat our lunch there. After a long chat he phoned ahead to Silloth LBS, Reg scooted there and was met by 8 crew who had all turned out to meet him. More coffee and whisky later and we were given some flags etc. The next afternoon we went to St Bees LBS which was next to the caravan site, arriving just as they were carrying out an exercise. Introducing ourselves we were given coffee once again and shown uniforms, helmets etc. and invited over to the pub later that evening.

At our own cost we had the next day off, went to Wastwater in the lakes where Brian hadn’t been before, we took lots of photos and managed to contact Lynda who is joining us on Saturday.

May 19th, left St Bees, beautiful blue skies, 15deg. It was the best weather for some time. We travelled 92 miles to Sandyhills which was our first Scottish site, a really lovely site which was booked for three days at a good discounted rate. Managed to text at last but still no internet!! Reg scooted from the site to Kippford, still a very chilly wind, we had our lunch then went on to Kirkcudbright crew room where he met a crew member John (from Maidstone). After a cup of tea and an explanation from John that the actual LBS was 4 miles away he got out the RNLI Landrover which they use for a shout and Reg and Brian had to be assisted in to it with the help of a stool and a shove. Drove to LBS up a very bumpy track all very isolated but a beautiful spot, we were shown around and driven back.

May 21st, we went to Dumfries to do some food shopping and pick up Lynda from the station. Returned to the site where it poured with rain all night.

We moved 63 miles to Stranraer on lovely empty roads. On the same day Reg scooted (in lovely sunshine) to Stranraer LBS, and Portpatrick and back.

That evening we had terrible windy, wet weather with strong blustery gales and a rocking caravan.

Still no internet and the TV signal kept breaking up so oblivious to how severe the weather has been. Hope to move on tomorrow weather permitting.


That’s it for now folks Reg, Brenda, Brian and Lynda. xx


Reg's "Trip of a Lifetime"....update 3rd May


Hi All,

Did a really long update last night but it would not send or go into draughts and in the end was lost, found again and lost again so annoying.

Well Reg had to give up on way to Barmouth as it was really strong cold winds, so we picked him up and he did it the next day.

On 3rd May, moved 62miles to Porthmadog had rest of day off did shopping and found a caravan shop where we bought ourselves a digi ariel and pole,and with help managed to get a signal .

One day Reg scootered from the site to Criccieth, Pwyhelli, Abersoch,and Porthdinlleen, took all afternoon but he did it ok, we were given coffee at Pwyhelli and he took photos and was going to try and get us in local papers

At Porthdinlleen the life boat station was a mile through a golf course which Brian and I drove through watching out for golf balls etc it was up hill and down dale and on a very narrow track I have never felt so out of place but the scenery was stunning,after that we went back to Criccieth and watched an RNLI exercise which was quite good to watch then had coffee with the crew.

May 6th moved again to Talybont in the Vale of Conwy did shopping etc, we now are getting rain off and on but sunny warm showers inbetween.

The next day Reg did Conwy, and Llandudno and went on to do Rhyl, but due to a navigational error and bad weather didn’t make it,,just getting a map out was hard work with wind and rain so he gave up and scootered back to the site.

The next day he did Rhyl ok, and on to Flint where they had just come back from a shout so were all outside chatting.Have decided to have an extra couple of days here at our own expense as Brenda's sister is coming on holiday to Betswy-coed on Tuesday so we are meeting up for a meal in the evening .

On Monday, had day off to do washing which took 3 hours finding the launderette, and sorting out 12-20 pence pieces to do washing and more for drying it is such a pain and what doesn’t dry, goes on airer and is in the way, the ironing on a table is also hard work.

Reg tried so many times to book the next 2 sites but we didn’t have a signal on mobiles most of the day or internet its all so time consuming and frustrating.

We are hoping to go to The Wirral and then onto Blackpool area.


You can also follow us on twitter at - scoot4life2011 - but cant always update as internet problems


Bye for now Reg, Brenda and Brian.

Reg's "Trip of a Lifetime"...update 1st May


Hi all,

Well since emailing you last we have done so many life boat stations Horton, Port Eynon,The Mumbles,Burryport, then we moved to Little Haven which was about 57miles.

We then did Angle,Tenby,Little and BroadHaven,St.Davids, which was stunning beautiful place. We then have moved to Aberyswyth about 74 miles.

We had a couple of days off and today have gone backwards to Cardigan, then Reg scootered to Newquay and then onto Aberyswyth which took all afternoon.

We have been so lucky with the weather we cant quite believe it .Its really got windy again in the last hour makes the caravan rock about.

Managing with the cooking and have got my George Foreman, as we are trying not to use oven to save the gas. Washing has been a problem at times we had to find a launderette on Saturday which took ages to sort out, we have to have the airer out in the caravan at times to try and dry the clothes.

Have been told by a few people we have been in there local papers, but trying to raise our profile is hard and raising money is even harder!!

We have a good day now and again.

The reason we seem to be moving faster than we thought is because instead of moving every other day because its quite difficult, we move further afield and stay longer on a site,and then go backwards and do stations, then move forward.

We do miss little bits of the coast only a few miles here and there and we do manage to do all the stations where we are often met and given coffee and tours round the station.

We are moving again on Tuesday to the Snowdonia area where we have 4 stations to do.

Well must close now, from us all xx 



Reg's "Trip of a Lifetime"...update 24th April


After Bude moved a long haul to Weston Super Mare where we did Minehead,Burnham on Sea, and Weston Super Mare.

Now we are in South Wales at Llanelli for 5 days over Easter have done Barry Dock, through to Port Talbot.

Just going to have strawberries and cream.

We have a brilliant view looking over The Gower Penninsula.
Had a day off today the weather has been good, but not as hot as you have all had it.

Tomorrow we are over on Gower to do 2/3 life boat stations.Still no TV no signal, how annoying.

Sam is still ok and is now a traveller,

Nice bunch of Welsh people on the site there very friendly,although saying that all caravaners seem to be.

Well we all have to have showers now so must close, Bye for now...xx



Reg's "Trip of a Lifetime"...update 18th April - Cornwall


Just a quick update we have done 20 lifeboat stations, unfortunately missing two as Reg couldnt find Plymouth, the area was so big and nobody could tell him where the lifeboat station was, we all searched for it for a time but had to sadly miss it out. Then today - Padstow has been moved and isn't available to get to at week ends.

We are 8 miles out of Bude at the moment until Monday, then we move on again.

Collected a bit of money today and someone actually saw us on the TV so made a donation.

Had TV during the week for a couple of days, but no signal here and the internet only works now and again.

Have managed to book the next two caravan sites now, so we are now booked until after Easter.

Reg is still cold on his scooter, even on a warm day with 4 layers clothing on.

Well must close...Bye for now from all of us.


Reg's "Trip of a Lifetime"...update 10th April


Well where do we start, this is the first time we have had the internet so thought we had better update you all.

The journey to Poole went ok and we were met on the Saturday by Meridian tv and the coverage went out in the evening.

We have visited 9 lifeboat stations so far and we are now near Looe, Cornwall.

We also are going to be in the Dartmouth chronicle and we were featured 3 times on the Plymouth radio,as Tony has been sorting it out before we arrive at the towns.

But raising money is still a problem, picking up small amounts here and there. We are moving the caravan every other day at the moment as its very time consuming.

We cannot believe the weather so far, so managed to get the first weeks washing done ok and ironed thats quite a challenge in itself.

Sam is ok at the moment, tomorrow Reg is going to Fowey lifeboat station,average scooter work most days is about 20miles

Well must close have to now sort out maps for caravan sites,and scooter work and towing routes for monday while we have internet

Bye for now Reg,Brenda and Brian

Follow Reg's progress on www.scoot4life.co.uk and on Facebook by typing in - Scoot4life

Reg's "Trip of a Lifetime"...He's Ready to Go!


Reg Marchant from Skeynes Road, Edenbridge, with his wife Brenda, son Terry and those supporting his trip loaded up his caravan and mobility scooter today Friday 1st April, ready for his long awaited "Trip of a Lifetime", which begins tomorrow afternoon at the Poole, R.N.L.I HeadquartersLifeboat station in Dorset.

Reg has been looking forward to this trip and arranging the sponsorship for the last three years.

Now the day has arrived for him to leave his home and travel along the coast of Britain, Wales and Scotland, which will take him and his loyal crew and supporters about six months to accomplish, to finally arrive back home in September with this wonderfully brave encounter completed.

Reg has an exceptionally good friend that will accompany him for the full duration of the journey, Brian Scott, himself a polio victim will drive his own car with Reg's mobility scooter in the back to the starting point of the trip, then follow Reg as his trip begins to cover the 5, 500 mile trip around the coast of Britain.

Reg will make every endeavour to stop at as many R.N.L.I Lifeboat stations on the way, collecting donations from people along the route which will all go directly into the R.N.L.I funds.

After leaving this afternoon, Reg, Brenda and his crew, will arrive in Corfe Castle to spend the night relaxing and preparing for the start of his trip tomorrow, then Brian and Reg will leave Corfe Castle all equipped with the mobility scooter onboard to Poole, ready and fully prepared to start his epic journey.

Meridian TV camera crew and local newspaper reporters will be there to film the beginning of the start of this, Reg's monumental journey. Then he will head for his first stop, which will take him about 2-3 hours, to the beautiful town of Swanage to the lifeboat station, there to by welcomed by the crew and local residents.

He has been assisted by local businesses, companies and friends who have willingly donated time and money to this most worthy cause in every effort to give Reg a good opportunity in finishing this journey he certainly wants to complete.

Reg with friends, family and supporters


His drivers towing the caravan are friends, Kevin Knapp and Linda Aldred, who not only will give Reg much encouragement, but will also drive the caravan to the many dozens of different campsites along the route and prepare it for Reg, after a most assured tiring day driving his mobility scooter, then they can all relax and plan the next days schedule, have a meal and rest for the night.


For all of us out there who want to support this epic journey can donate online to the R.N.L.I via their website www.scoot4life.co.uk in giving any amount possible.


If you want to keep up with Reg's journey then Hannah Bolton will be updating it on FACEBOOK every day, so it will keep you informed how Reg is getting on.


On Saturday evening the 16th April, at the Old Eden, Edenbridge, a Race Night will be held to support Reg's journey, so all are welcome to come and take part and show that your support can help "Our Local Hero" Reg Marchant, accomplish his own - Journey of a Lifetime!


Reg would like to thank very sincerely and is indebted to all those who have assisted him in making this journey a real life possibility for him, and for those who have so willingly devoted time, finances and incredible help and assistance to him in making this possible -


Chichester Caravans - John Bolton and Nick, who so generously donated a superb caravan for Reg to use during his trip, complete with batteries for his scooter, as well as full gas bottles, new water containers and fully serviced and kitted out the caravan.


Day's Health Care - who donated the fantastic scooter for the trip, complete with new batteries and two special battery chargers.


Whitmore's of Edenbridge - who generously fitted the tow-bar, wired-up the electrics and gave the tow car a safety check.


Westfalia of Germany - who supplied and kindly donated the tow bar.


Indespension of Redhill - who kindly gave the wiring loom for the tow-bar.


Premier Care / MBL - who generously provided Reg with full Insurance cover for his scooter.

Brian Scott and Reg Marchant

Of course not forgetting all the sincere friends and family of Reg and Brenda, who have supported him all along the way since the inspiration of this - Journey of a Lifetime - was first mentioned to them by Reg.

Reg and Brenda Thank You All...and are sincerely grateful for your believing in him to accomplish this trip!


Please follow Reg's daily journey on Facebook - type in - Scoot4life


For those wishing to read about Reg and donate to the R.N.L.I online, please go to the website www.scoot4life.co.uk  


We at Kentishtowns are pleased to support Reg, and we are sure that everyone who knows him will wish him well and say to our brave local hero of Edenbridge, a sincere...
"Good Luck Reg"...!!!

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